The season for our Tackle Teams has started last week. The Giants lost at home vs the HIlversum Hurricanes with 00-20; a three score game. Our rookies have learned a lot and we are working our way up to the next game at March 27th.

For our fans interested in our full schedule, check below!

  1. February 14th, 14:00 (00-20)
    Groningen Giants vs Hilversum Hurricanes
  2. March 27th, 14:00 (away)
    Groningen Giants at Amsterdam Panthers
  3. April 3rd, 14:00 (away)
    Groningen Giants  at Alphen Eagles
  4. April 24th, 15:00 (home)
    Groningen Giants vs Amsterdam Panthers
  5. May 8th, 15:00 (home)
    Groningen Giants  vs Alphen Eagles
  6. May 15th, 11:30 (away)
    Groningen Giants at Hilversum Hurricanes
  7. May 29th, 15:00 (away)
    Groningen Giants  at 010 Trojans
  8. June 12th, 15:00 (home)
    Groningen Giants  vs Leiden Lightning